• Maintenance Method to Keep Hair of Wig Straight

    The approach

    I called on Anta Niang of Anta Curly hair Braiding and Weave, a common braid guru, to do the particular honors of braiding my favorite bundles of hair for cheap. Instead of making you stay in a salon all day, Anta goes to her client's households. It made my practical experience so much more comfortable. It took some hours, y'all. Depending on your company stylist, it can take anywhere from three to eight hours to undertake the process. Prices vary as per the style and desired whole length of your box braids, however , Anta's rate is $155 to $179. On average, almost all stylists charge between $150 and $200 for this form.


    Even though it was my first-time getting box braids, Needed to go all out. I got 5 feet of long, medium-size box braids that taking a swing down my back. Anta created each braid by simply parting tiny, triangle-shaped chapters of my hair and interweaving the braiding hair right into my natural hair from your roots to the very stops.


    This is how my 2 bundles of hair searched halfway through.


    After our hair was braided, Anta dipped the ends in to a steaming pot of liquid to seal together often the loose ends.

      Maintenance Method to Keep Hair of Wig Straight

    The Feeling

    In all honesty, I've never felt hence damn beautiful in my universal life. At first, I told by myself I'd wear them for about every thirty days and go back to extensions. Nonetheless it's been four months u never want to take them outside. Box braids can last in between six and eight many weeks, so when mine started to have a little fuzzy around this time, Anta redid the first a couple rows to make them search new. This is an easy strategy to making your braids appearance fresh since box braids are layered on top of both in rows. I solely chose to get the first a couple of rows of my hair rebraided since those braids will be more visible than the others, but they have up to you to decide how many braids you'd like to redo.


    In the eight weeks since then, Stasha Harris about Magic Fingers Studio, who have works on Cosmopolitan. com's braid video series, has been braiding the front of my frizzy hair in cornrow designs through box braids in the back of this bundles of hair wholesale. This style last up to a month and a half, and so i go back every six weeks to find them done. When my very own braids get a little unclear, I lather them with Ampro's Shine 'N Jam Physical fitness Gel and tie these people down with a silk scarves for a half hour. I'm just obsessed!

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